I’ve worked at the direction and behest of Virginia and I can’t say enough about what a pleasure she is to work with.  Want a client, co-worker or customer with constant positive energy?  Consistent understanding and patience.  A gentle loving approach to resolving issues?  Ms. Gwaltney provides all that.  I am so fortunate to know and have the opportunity to work with Virginia.  I encourage you to investigate her services and offerings.  You won’t regret it!

Nik Mouser

Nik MouserIT ConsultantColorado Springs, Colorado

My testimonial: I had a NRT session with Virginia. Afterwards, my initial feeling was being so relaxed & peaceful; then any discomforts I had were gone. But additionally, I wanted to share how working with her as a practitioner of another alternative modality; how supportive she is in helping me as well as everyone that she associates with. Miriam’s Place so very lucky to have such a loving, positive person in their place of business. Love & Blessings, Christina
PS The story you gave at the M.M. group this morning was a great example of what you do. I think you should add it to your testimonial page asap.

Christina Freshman