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Life changing decision made on a massage table….

Hoping for stress relief, Virginia Gwaltney made the life-changing decision to leave a 20 year career in real estate for massage therapy. Now with 27 years as a Licensed Massage Therapist, she does not regret her decision. Relieving people’s stress and facilitating the healing process after an accident or injury is her motivation to help people using hands-on therapeutic techniques. Virginia graduated in 1992 from the Stress Massage Institute (now known as the Colorado Institute of Massage Therapy) and has an Associate degree in business. Her certifications include Deep Tissue, Stress Massage; Sports, Infant, Trigger Point Release, Swedish Massage, and Foot Reflexology. She has addidional training in Advanced Myofascial Release of the Head, Neck and Jaw. Virginia was Certified in Neural Reset Therapy® in December of 2018. She is licensed by the State of Colorado. Because of her training and techniques, clients return again and again.